Thursday, March 29, 2007


"-red border -CHECK
-multiple hearts-CHECK

....waitin fo da government to find diz pic &&get exported baq to Siberia ;]"

- Inna's Facebook

our new favorite girl on Facebook! thanks for the Superficial Wootton shout-out! And she STILL manages those hilarious Ebonics.



You mean...deported?


In any event,

Love you Inna.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Steffy Strikes Back :)

From: Estefania Cruz (Thomas S.Wootton)
To: Sandra Superficial (no network)
Subject: re: Your blog

First of all, our SGA representative used the word "incriminating" and no I didn't complain because I don't have anything incriminating or offensive coz I don't roll that way.

Roll wit u ma niggas nd me roll lotza times lyk we fly hi we ballin'

Second of all, those are all my interests. I happen to like a lot of things.

We've noticed :)

Third of all, comments about people's religions and physical stereotypes are never called for.

Welcome to America, sweetie!

And about the pictures, I am not scared my pictures will surface. I am not as absent-minded as other people are. I just happen to care about how others will react and whether they will be hurt or not. And I'm not trying to be mean or hurt your feelings, I'm jus saying you're being really hurtful and franly very offensive. It's not like anyone in Wootton made a website about you, so why do it about any one of them?
♥ 's

Aww, she's trying to suck up now cause she's worried. Oh well, time to tell the truh about Estefania. :)


pure Art.

The Yavener-Stotz-Berman trio was of course one of the main attractions of our school. Through their ups and downs we followed their hyped-up drugged-out slut lives with much enthusiasm. But it would be wrong to only focus on the grown-up sluts. There is the younger generation waiting to grow up and become like their idols.

Case and point - Inna A. Her real last name remains a mystery. Is it because if the goverment find her pictures, along with her last name, she will be exported back to Siberia? Maybe.
Ms. A briefly shares her about me with her facebook visitors,

" inna.sum people call me BARBiiE, aww i tiink daz cutee =]im classy, fabulous && glamorousim kinda silly && quirky;; never stuck uppi found out dat deres sumthin bout my outter appearance dat makes me look like a bitch but im the easiest person to become friends wid =)"

Apparently when she moved here, learning the language was not one of her priorities. Obviously buying loads of white lipgloss, along with neoncolored eye-shadows should be a girls priority in life

Sadly, what Inna doesn't realize, that reading her about me takes more effort than getting through "The Walden." She is clearly illiterate, but tries to hide that fact by sounding ghetto

it "duh" sleepless "sleepoverzz." It is quite useful to write all over the picture, informing the viewer about the content, but here in America, especially on facebook, people have invented captions. Have you heard of those?

I don't know if anyone informed Inna, but running shoes are generally meant for one thing - running. People have not worn sweatshirts with minishkirts and running shoes and claimed to be "oh soo flyyyy" since the mid-80s? Also, the pink border around all pictures does not make you look classy, it makes you look like you are five and just learned how to use the computer.

We all know how classy it is to take pictures in the school bathroom. Although I must say, Sorry kids, taking pictures in teh bathroom and again, claiming to be "flyyy" just looks sad. Also, I don't know what they do in Russia, but here, an overabundance of graphics in the picture, such as different color hearts is usually a sign of bad taste, and of too much spare time on one's hands.

And as a farewell to Inna, let us share her wisdom, taken from her facebook

"both ways i win! cuz doz r duh i tings dat i do dat make me abettuh person."

Sorry Inna, If it takes me more than 15 seconds to read that line, you lose. Why? Because to effectively bring your point across, or even claim to be "abettuh" person, one should learn to write in english. Just some friendly advice.

Oh, and lay off the makeup, when you look like an 80s hooker, you know something is wrong.

bye kiddies.

♥ lucy

MORE Fan Mail! :)

okay honestly, you're fucking gay.

we're all heterosexual, thanks. tsk tsk, someone's being JUDGEMENTAL! :)

you're just bitter because one of your quotes was used or some shit.

actually, no one who writes for this had their "quotes" used.

get over yourself. you seriously must have no life to take time out of your day here and to write this bullshit.

obviously you had time to read it and post a lengthy comment, so I wouldn't be talking. :)

I'm sorry you missed half of your english class, you're probably one of those people who's really eager to work, don't worry, you'll get your chance.

Actually we were happy to miss a bullshit class like English! What made you think otherwise?

And hey, what's the last thing you did for the school other than write this SO VERY INTERESTING blogssss

Uh-oh, personal attack on a ghostwriter!

the point was to help you're lame ass

"You're" is spelled "your" in this case. I think you should perhaps go back and work in English.

but hopefully you'll get expelled from your future college after posting something on your facebook such as some lameeeee blog
oh look, you posted at must have BOLTED home to get this done, congratz

This wasn't posted at 2:12, the times are innacurate on many Internet blogs. Sigh, another brainwashed monkey.

Ciao bitches,

Fan Mail =]

Whew, we must be getting really popular, here's the first piece of fan mail.

Estefania Cruz (Thomas S.Wootton)

Sandra Superficial (no network)

Your blog

What is your problem? Can't you keep your offensive opinions to yourself?

Nope, sorry! =]

The SGA did take down all their incriminiating information so that all of Wootton could be on the same level.

At least they're trying to do something about it, unlike you who are just ragging on some Wootton students.

I'm trying to get your attention and it's working pretty well :)

And FYI, I am Catholic and I found your comment about noses very hurtful.

That's too bad. I think I'll have to give myself up to the Pope now.

Why don't you go friend some people who wanna cause drama?

I am! And it's working!

coz that seems to be your mission, Sandra Superficial. If you friended me, you should have known that I don't stand for this kind of slander because it is wrong and I have a real sense of morality.

Do you? I think I could change people's minds about that ;)

You shouldn't have sne tme a request at all.

And BTW, if Wootton students want to post their crap OL and not think about the consequences, you don't have to take their pictures and post them up on other sites for even more people to find them. Have the decency to leave them alone!

Hmm, for someone who has a real sense of morality, you sure don't seem to care about your fellow students. Yet you claim what the SGA is doing is right. Don't worry, lots of people have no idea what they're talking about, especially Catholics.


Definitely an extended response...whew!

Ciao people!


Rachel Yavener is a Class Act

WHAT WENT WRONG? Your fucking minds.

Oh no, what we write online is so offensive and life-changing! We should all be cautious! If the police or colleges see what we put up we'll go to jail, fuck our chances of a future and die of AIDs.

You know what THAT means! The SGA is instituting their new Spring Bullshit Project to cause "awareness" about our actions and scare us out of doing anything outside of politically-correct curricular activities. This year it's about Internet Safety...but not the scary online predators that will rape us if we display an innocuous photo of ourselves on Myspace. This time it's about the horrid and shocking things Wootton students put on their Facebook profiles, such as "I Like It Up The Ass", "Never Drunk Dial Again" and other stupid quotes that kids/high school/college/grad school/adults laugh about all the time but apparently feel is extremely incorrect to speak of in public.

The video we get to enjoy in English class features the disgusting Kevin Landsman in a faux-interview where he spews inoffensive, unfunny one-liners in response to a job interviewer. Then we see some of the earth-shattering comments people write on their profiles ("Don't be a Jew") and are handed out bracelets. The SGA-Stalkers apparently searched for every Wootton student on Facebook and proceeded to judge the political correctness quality of our profiles. Students were handed either a white, green, yellow or red rubber bracelet and told to wear them tomorrow during the assembly. Those who did not have a Facebook were excused from the project, despite the obvious fact other social networks exist online.

The best part of this project is that over than half the people in SGA are the very same people that post this shit on Facebook. It's also funny that people are so shaken up about stupid Internet comments/pictures. Haha. Dumb brainwashed monkeys.

Tomorrow is the assembly. We'll keep you posted.
Peace out fuckers,